The Degree

Degree Acceptance and Recognition
A degree is a title conferred by an educational institution indicating that a particular course of study was successfully completed. The intrinsic value of any degree is very subjective and depends upon a myriad of circumstances, including the intent of the holder respecting its use, which obviously is not withing the control of this University.

There is no standard of universal acceptability of a degree, whether traditional or nontraditional, whether from an accredited or non- accredited institution of higher learning. All employers, universities, colleges, agencies, institutions and students have their own specific criteria respecting degree acceptability and recognition. As a result, neither this University, nor any university can make any representation or warranty as to acceptance or recognition of its degrees.

However, this university uses as its graduation requirements those that are similar to the requirements of this nation’s largest universities, and furthermore, allow our students, to build their own degree program with courses to meet personal or job requirements.

Any questions respecting this issue, therefore, should be directed to the appropriate person, firm, or organization ultimately responsible for making this determination. This University does not guarantee, warrant, or represent that it directly or indirectly is referral or placement service for employment purposes.

It is important that all prospective students understand that this University has no authority through its degree program to grant licenses or credentials. Students should check with the appropriate agencies involved with licensing in their home states or country for questions regarding any professional certification.

This University is an independent university and is not connected to any educational establishment of similar name anywhere in the world.