Termination or Withdrawal
The very nature of self-directed educational learning demands maturity, responsibility, and self-discipline of the individual. Applicants must be aware of the following regulations of the university:

1. The University attempts to give latitude in the completion of all degree requirements. However, if in our judgment an applicant fails to make adequate progress, or submit required work toward the completion of his or her degree objective within the first year following enrollment, we reserve the right to terminate the student.

2. Deliberate falsification of any applicant records submitted to USIU will result in termination.

3. An applicant may also be terminated if tuition payments are not maintained in accordance with our application signed by the student and mutually agreed upon at the time of enrollment.

4. Should an applicant wish to voluntarily withdraw from USIU for any reason, a formal letter must be submitted to the university with reasons given for this request. All tuition refund requests must be made by the applicant in writing. Please note tuition refund schedules listed under Tuition Refunds and on the Enrollment Application.