Superior Education

Superior Education
United States International University, as the result of our years of experience in helping our students complete their educational goals, has embraced the exciting concept of modular education for our students. The adaptation of our innovative and creative new course, this course is called “Your University Degree Planning and Course Challenge Module”, make it so that our students no longer have to return to a full-time on-campus setting. Our students do not have to spend their invaluable time taking part-time evening and weekend classes at great cost of time and money, with irrelevant and unnecessary course work.

This exciting new program gives you personalized instructions on how to plan a degree program that meets your own personal educational needs and objective. It provides you with a world-class curriculum from which you can plan your own degree program and gives you instruction on how to build a portfolio of your life learning experiences.

This course further instructs you on how to receive full credit for past academic training, trade, technical schools, company training programs, personal study, military service and other life learning experiences. It teaches you how to fully utilize these experiences by challenging as many of the courses in your degree program as possible.

Upon completion of this course of instruction you will be surprised to discover how many credits you have earned toward the completion of your desired degree. You will also receive instructions on how to develop your degree completion plan. With the personal assistance of your faculty advisor.

USIU’S educational programs, our module concept and USIU’S exciting degree planing, course challenge, and completion courses. With their easy to use and attract work books. Makes it so that our students no longer have to return to a full time on campus setting, do not have to spend their invaluable time, with par-time, evening or weekend classes. Taking irrelevant, outdated or unnecessary course work, at the great expense of their time and their money.

Our program will allow you to earn your degree now! When you need it, not months or years in the future. USIU’S Programs have been developed to help you achieve your educational objectives in the shortest possible time. In a superior degree program that you can be proud of. From the safety and security of your own home or office. Click here for our Enroll Now Page.