Important Facts

Important Facts to Consider
Income Potential Of University Graduates
The value of having earned your degree(s) can never be over estimated, as increasingly even getting your resume, experience or obtaining a job interview depends on you having earned your important degree. Increasingly companies have placed degree requirements as a condition for you even to be considered for a job opening or advancement.

The fact is that even entry level jobs require a Bachelor degree. Many intermediate positions require a Master degree, with increasing requirements for dual Master and Doctoral degrees. Having earned degrees opens the door for many intangible benefits that include increased respect, prestige, acceptance by peers, giving greater credibility for your work and expertise, as well as opening the door to advancement, promotions, and those good jobs and the increase income that results from having earned those degrees.

According to statistics from the United States Department of Labor and research information sources, individuals who have earned a Bachelor’s degree can earn up to three hundred and fifty thousand ($350,000) dollars more than a high school graduate.

Those who have earned a Master’s degree can earn an additional half million dollars ($500,000).

Individuals who have earned their Doctoral degree can earn an additional one million dollar (1,000,000) more in a working lifetime.

The above statistic indisputably prove that the best investment in life that an individual can make is in their own personal development and education which is an investment no one can take from you and bring the best possible return on your investment, making you a more valuable person.