How It Works

How It Works

Education is viewed differently today. New ideas and concepts are being introduced, and the methods by which students are allowed to learn differ from those in years past.

Today there is greater freedom to express you true feelings, and far more interaction between student and teacher is taking place. This makes information more easily gained as well as less likely to be forgotten. More and more schools today are applying a freer style of education where students actually experience the lesson and are able to participate and use the information obtained.

So, with this aspect of unrestrictive learning, all that we see, touch and do becomes a learning experience. Earth becomes our campus and life is the instructor. This experience and knowledge, which formerly has been ruled out as inapplicable toward credit, now becomes usable. If one knows the material it can be awarded.

Our university has embraced this superior concept of education and designed programs to include the following aspects:

1. New Ways of Learning
Individually designed programs including independent studies, projects, seminars, travel, religious training, technologically aided systems, as well as scheduled, on-campus courses.

2. New Kinds of Teachers
Going beyond the faculty of any one institution to include to include professionals, business people, artist and community experts and specialists in their own fields who are willing to share their knowledge.

3. New Time Frames
Varying, flexible time structures built around each individual’s needs. There is no set time period for achievement of the degree. Students are appraised on the basis of individual progress rather than by years attended.

4 New Opportunities
* The possibility of utilizing a far broader range of educational resources than can be found on any single university campus.
* The opportunity to make a contribution of outstanding excellence in research or scholarship.


* New technology allows our students to have access to the finest libraries and information sources world wide.

* It allows our students from their home or office to be able to research the latest, most current, and cutting edge knowledge in their field of interest and use it for course assignments for master theses or doctoral dissertations.

* Allows our students to communicate with our university faculty and staff 24 hours a day.

* Allows this university to choose the finest professors and educators to assist our students world wide.

* Allows this university to prepare information and instructions for our students that can be accessed by via, the world wide web, from anywhere in this world.

* Allows the university to make available to our students the and latest updated information available in their field, giving them the competitive edge in their education, personal lives and careers.

* Allows this university to provide individuals with the knowledge necessary to achieve the success they deserve for happy and prosperous lives and rewarding careers, for we are dedicated to helping students to develop their full human potential, as well as earn their degrees.

* In short, our program is designed to give students much greater flexibility and creativity in competing their degrees. Allow them the unique ability to design and compete a degree program personally developed to meet their needs.