Goals, Objectives and Programs
Our university is an institution of higher learning that is dedicated to helping our students achieve their full human potential and success in life, as well as work, and to encourage our students to develop an interest in life long learning.

Specifically, the goals of our university are:

1. To evaluate a prospective student’s previous formal and informal life learning experience;

2. To work with our students and assist them in choosing a course of study leading to a earned degree that meets their personal goals and objectives;

3. To prepare a customized program of instruction and curriculum that meets their needs;

4. Allow the student to receive credit for previous academic training and life learning experience;

5. Allow students to proceed toward completion of their degree at their own pace with an open entry, open exit policy that allow students to start their degree program at regular intervals during the years and graduate as soon as their degree requirements are met.

6. To continually evaluate the high academic quality of scholarship and professionalism to which this university is committed;

7. To continually evaluate and examine our curricula, to make available to our students the finest possible leaning material and educational resources, and allow for the expanded use of the latest technology and cutting edge information.