Degree Completion, Procedure, and Process

Degree Completion, Procedure, and Process
Our degree programs require the following unit-credits for graduation:
Associates – 60 units;
Bachelor’s – 120 units;
Master’s – 30 units with thesis, or 36 units without a thesis;
Doctorate – 36 units (beyond Master’s) plus the required dissertation or project.

This University employs the educational module concept of academic instruction. As an additional degree requirement of each module, all applicants who do not submit a thesis or dissertation should submit a paper in their major field.

We expect the work of each applicant to be academically thorough and complete, but all may be self-paced. Thus, the student in concert with the university builds his own degree program with the bounds of our requirements.


Program Length
This University’s off campus degree program has no residency requirement. Each applicant comes to us with a totally unique set of background and achievements. Therefore, the work to be completed will necessarily be different in the case of each student. Because our programs are individually designed and self-paced, we do not set a rigid policy of time minimums for course completions. The process may be reasonably short or lengthy, depending upon the education, need of background, and needs of the student.

Flexible Calendar Year
We permit an open entry and exit policy during the calendar year. Applicants are allowed to work at their own pace. We understand the constraints of time as related to other factors such as degree need, job responsibility, and family life. Therefore, due to the individualized nature of this University’s programs, an applicant’s normal progress will be determined between each individual and the university.