Admission Process

Admission Process
1. Personal Counseling
Most initial inquiries come to us via written response or by telephone. We urge you to take advantage of our office for guidance with your education and degree completion requirements.

2. Initial Evaluation and Acceptance
Each prospective student is evaluated for admission by verbal or written consultation, prior to being excepted as a student in United States International University.

3. Admissions Application
Once you have been excepted for admissions your next step toward earning your degree, is to, rush back your application along with the appropriate tuition payment and begin to develop a portfolio of your life experience and educational achievements documents which are to be submitted with your completed educational module.

4. Requirements for Full-Time Enrollment
To be considered as a full-time student in this university, you must be enrolled in this University and must complete at least 12 credit units per semester.

5. Per Unit Tuition
Students who choose to enroll in individual courses instead of a complete degree program must first complete the university application, pay the application fee, choose the courses they wish to take with a minimum of 6 units, and pay the tuition at the rate of $350.00 per semester unit.