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Welcome to United States International University. Which is dedicated to helping individuals worldwide develop to their full potential, to achieve their life goals, dreams & career objectives.

In order to  help you accomplish this USIU has embraced a superior educational philosophy.  Which are the educational principles that turned America from a wilderness into the greatest, freest, most powerful nation on earth. That created a higher standard of living, more wealth, greater property, and success full lives, than any philosophy in the history of the world.

This was accomplished by unleashing the tremendous creative talent inherent in every human being, by using as their educational foundation the universal  principles of success. Most of Americas educational establishment however has abandoned these principles. As the result Johnnie & Jane cannot read, half of our country is functionally  illiterate. With our country educational standards and economy on the decline.

Americas founding fathers by cancel light, many times with only the bible and some times the McGuffy, reader at home or in one room school houses, educated themselves an their families. Where most could read, right, think for themselves and make the right choices for prosperous and rewarding lives.

While they laid the foundation for the greatest successful living education explosion in the history of the world, USIU is a pioneer in the restoration of this traditional form of American education.

Through our off campus degree programs we are helping individuals’ worldwide achieve their dreams of earning their degrees. With our external degree programs we allow our students to develop their own personalized degree programs.

That meets their individual desires and career objectives, using a curriculum that is of superior quality. At USIU  you can enroll immediately, receive full credit for your life learning, job training, military service, trade, technical schools, seminars, personal study, hobbies, previous research,  published books, articles, & all previous formal education.

Our students are allowed to complete any unfulfilled  requirements by  independent study from your home or office worldwide. Upon completion of your degree requirements you become eligible for immediate graduation

You can enjoy having the benefits of your degree when you need it not years off in the future. With a reasonable tuition cost, one that you can afford. Now you no longer have to be without your invaluable degree(s). For additional details on our exciting degree programs, and to enroll, see the following pages at this web site.

We look forward to having you join the increasing numbers of individuals who are choosing to earn their degree from USIU!

Sincerely yours,
Faculty and staff